March 15, 2020

Governor’s Executive Order

This afternoon Governor Walz issued Emergency Executive Order 20-01.  The authority of the Executive Order will expire after 5 days unless it is approved by the Executive Council.  If approved by the Executive Council the order would last an additional 30 days at which point the Legislature can either extend or void the order.  The Peacetime Emergency Order is intended to help coordinate and mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.  The Governor’s Order provides the following guidance:

  • The recommended cancelation or postponement of gatherings or events with 250 or more individuals
  • The recommended cancelation or postponement of gatherings or events of less than 250 individuals in small venues unable to provide 6 feet of distance between individuals
  • The recommended limitation of guests in nursing home.
  • The Governor’s order does not order the closure of schools, however he urged parents and schools to begin planning in case that decision becomes necessary.

Senate Majority Leader Gazelka appeared after the Governor’s press event.  At this time, it is the Legislature’s intention to remain open and continue working.  However, Legislative Leaders will continue discussions over the weekend on how best to proceed.  The Senate will limit movements within their building and Senator Gazelka urged individuals to communicate with members of the Legislature via phone or email.