February 16, 2022

Legislative Update – February 16, 2022

As the 2022 legislative session moves forward, here is an update on two key bills that CHA-MN in partnership with the Alliance for Ethical Healthcare is supporting.
The House Health Finance and Policy Committee will hear both HF 2517, funding for the Palliative Care Advisory Council, and HF 3148, legislation to modify the state definition of palliative care on Wednesday, March 16 at 3PM.
The Palliative Care Advisory Council has been tasked to assess the availability of palliative care in Minnesota, analyze barriers to palliative care, and make recommendations to the legislature. Since its creation, the Council has published five reports, covering topics such as the availability of palliative care in hospitals across Minnesota and the number of hospice and palliative certified physicians and nurses in the state. The Alliance has previously supported HF 2517, which would continue funding for the Council.
HF 3148 would modify state statute to more accurately define palliative care. Currently, state statute incorrectly defines palliative care as a form of care for incurable diseases. A correct and comprehensive definition can help in clarifying to providers and patients that palliative care is not synonymous with end-of-life care, that it is beneficial at the time of diagnosis, and should not be limited to patients with a terminal illness.