January 23, 2021

Essentia Health begins vaccinating the public

The most recent update from the Minnesota Department of Health has given healthcare providers the flexibility to begin vaccinating anyone over age 65 if vaccine remains from phase 1a allocation.

This is the case in Ada, so Essentia Health vaccinated the first members of the public who are over age 65 on Thursday, January 21, 2021.

Among the first to receive a vaccination were Wayne Kitchell, Colleen Boe, Henry Aaby and Terry Tommerdahl.

Essentia Health will continue to vaccinate those aged 65 and older as vaccine supply remains available. We are currently using a randomized selection process for Essentia Health-Ada patients who are in the general category of 65 and older to determine the order in which patients are vaccinated.

Notification to those who are invited to receive a COVID-19 vaccine will occur as appointments are available. As additional allocations are received, we’ll continue to work through the list of eligible patients. Vaccine allocation is subject to change and appointments may need to be re-scheduled due to vaccine availability.